NEW! Cloud Mousse: Blueberry Cream Cake

NEW! Cloud Mousse: Blueberry Cream Cake

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The most holdable and beginner-friend slime in BlushingBB's lineup! The 'Cloud Mousse' texture is puffy, holdable, and light -- and super inflatable! This is simply a dream to play with. Convenient for playing on-the-go without a table, but also fun to swirl and spread on a table at home or work. This creation features a light cake batter Cloud Mousse slime topped with a small amount of jumbo blue foam beads to represent lil blueberries. Comes with a miniature blueberry charm. Scented blueberry parfait. NOT EDIBLE!

Note on the Cloud Mousse texture: This texture possesses a slow stretch and is meant to be more holdable and squishy. For more creaminess, feel free to add a pump or two of lotion. Slowly stretch the slime repeatedly for a fluffy, inflated effect and super airy texture with satisfying sizzles. Since this slime contains some air-dry clay, which contains air pockets for fluffiness, slime may deflate or harden over time or with extended playing. Prolonged exposure to air may cause slime to harden. Please refer to the slime care card provided with your order for proper slime care instructions.

All slime orders come with a gift packet with a pouch of borax, slime care card, and candies. Large orders come with tiered non-edible extras.

Note: Actual product colors may differ due to screen display configurations and lighting. Colors may mix during transit. All slimes sold contain diluted borax. Slimes are reactive to surrounding environment and temperatures -- upon delivery, please follow instructions on the Slime Care card very carefully to ensure optimal product quality. Please note that the seller is not responsible for any product damage caused by buyer's misuse. Please read our FAQ carefully before completing your purchase. By purchasing this product, the buyer agrees to the store's policy and confirms that they have read, understand, and agree to the terms, conditions, and policies of the store.

Important Allergy Information: Do NOT purchase or play with this slime if you are or may be sensitive or allergic to any of the following ingredients: PVA glue, fragrance oil or oil carrier bases such as almond oil, borax, lotion or skin creams, super-absorbent polymers, or cosmetic products.