Unicorn Brunch Crunch [Half-Floam]
Unicorn Brunch Crunch [Half-Floam]

Unicorn Brunch Crunch [Half-Floam]

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An indisputably cute and crunchy half-floam that smells absolutely delicious! "Unicorn Brunch Crunch" features marshmallow foam beads, assorted vibrant foam beads, adorable cupcake Fimo slices, and rainbow star glitter, with a thick and creamy color-shifting soft purple base that starts off a light periwinkle and transforms into a pretty purple color. The beads offer amazing crunch, and when combined with the creamy base, this slime makes super satisfying bubble pops. Each order comes with a cute cloud charm. Scented a Sunday brunch-inspired blend of fresh baked French toast and hot pecan waffles. NOT EDIBLE.

Foam beads may break down from prolonged play. Due to the presence of foam beads, slime may deflate over time as foam beads absorb the moisture in the slime.

All slime orders come with a gift packet with a pouch of borax, slime care card, and candies. Large orders come with tiered non-edible extras.

Note: Actual product colors may differ due to screen display configurations and lighting. All slimes sold contain diluted borax. Slimes are reactive to surrounding environment and temperatures -- upon delivery, please follow instructions on the Slime Care card very carefully to ensure optimal product quality. Please note that the seller is not responsible for any product damage caused by buyer's misuse. Please read our FAQ carefully before completing your purchase. By purchasing this product, the buyer agrees to the store's policy and confirms that they have read, understand, and agree to the terms, conditions, and policies of the store.

Important Allergy Information: Do NOT purchase or play with this slime if you are or may be sensitive or allergic to any of the following ingredients: PVA glue, fragrance oil or oil carrier bases such as almond oil, borax, lotion or skin creams, foam, food coloring, acrylic paint, or cosmetic products.