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Holiday Gifting Advisory

Looking to place an order for Christmas or the Holidays? ☃️ We've got you covered!

To maximize chances of on-time delivery, customers within the United States should place an order by our December 9th restock. International customers should place an order no later than November. Please note that USPS does not guarantee delivery dates. USPS often faces high volumes of holiday shipments which can cause significant delays. Therefore, we highly recommend shopping early and not waiting till the last minute to place an order, or your order may not arrive in time.

Slime care guide for gifting 🎁

Due to the composition of handmade slime, they tend to melt or become sticky when left to sit over a prolonged period of time. Some textures can hold out for longer without getting sticky due to differing ingredients. These include cloud slime and pure icee slimes. If you're new to slime, we would recommend opting for our cloud/icee slimes for the best experience.

For any other slime texture, it's completely normal for them to feel sticky upon opening. Please follow the steps below for best results:

  1. When you first receive your slime, store the slime in the fridge until ready for gifting and let sit at room temperature for at least 10 minutes before opening.
  2. Keep the pink "slime care" packet included with your order for future reference -- please refer to these tips before you open your slime.
  3. Before opening the slime, dilute the borax powder included in the packet with 1/3 to 1/2 cup warm water. Have this diluted "activator solution" on hand before playing. Apply some of this solution to your hands and keep it next to you to add to your slime as needed to fix stickiness.
  4. Perform a "1-finger" test on the slime -- upon opening the jar, quickly poke the slime with one finger to gauge stickiness, then follow the instructions below --
    • If the slime feels firm and doesn't stick or cling to your fingers, it probably doesn't need any extra activator, and it should be ready to play. Set the prepared activator solution aside and store it in a clearly labeled bottle or container for future use.
    • If it feels sticky, please incorporate 1 tsp of the activator solution to the slime. If stickiness persists, add a little more at a time (0.5 tsp) until desired consistency. DO NOT add too much or your slime will lose its stretchiness and become stiff. You won't need the whole amount (just 1-2 tsp should do for each slime), so please save the leftover solution for future use.

Thank you for choosing our small business for this season's gifting! We appreciate your support, and we hope that the lucky person who receives your gift will love their new slime as much as we've loved making them! :)

Orders have a 3-6 day processing time before they ship. Shipping times do not include processing times.


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