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Slime Care

IMPORTANT: As delicious as they may appear, SLIME IS NOT EDIBLE! Please wash your hands before and after handling slime. After playing, store the slime back in its original packaging or it will dry up and become hard. Our slimes are intended for individuals aged 7 or older. Children must be supervised when handling slime or borax.

Handmade slime is composed of different ingredients to store-bought slime. As such, it is a perishable item. Handmade slime typically lasts 2-6 months depending on type, handling, and care.

When you first receive your slime, perform a "1 finger test" to make sure it is not too sticky -- upon opening the jar, very quickly poke the slime with one finger to gauge stickiness. If the slime feels firm and doesn't stick or cling to your fingers, it should be ready to play. Please follow the steps below if the slime is sticky or too stiff --

If your slime is STICKY -- If it's hot out, place the slime into the fridge for 30+ minutes to let it cool, then let thaw at room temperature for 5 minutes before opening. If refrigeration doesn't work, empty the enclosed borax powder into 1/2 cup warm water and dissolve completely with warm water until no borax granules are visible to create a "slime activator solution". Do not add undiluted borax powder into slime or it will be ruined -- the powder must be diluted with water before use. Incorporate and knead 1-2 teaspoons of the resulting activator solution into the slime. Add more – 0.5 teaspoon at a time – if needed. Do NOT add too much or the slime will become stiff. Slime can be naturally sticky since it is made from glue, so try handling it in quick motions. Store the remaining solution in a clearly labelled bottle or jar for future use as handmade slime can melt over time. Do not eat borax powder or drink borax activator solution.

If your slime is STIFF -- If your area is experiencing cooler weather, please note that slime does tend to harden/stiffen in cold weather. Please let your slime sit, in its sealed container, at room temperature or in a warm spot for a few hours to thaw. When you open your slime, try warming up the slime with your hands by massaging it for a few minutes. If the slime feels cold or stiff, please start by playing with the slime in slower motions. Since slime naturally softens over time, you may simply leave the slime to liquify and soften in the container for 2-7 days in a warm environment.

If your slime is DEFLATING -- Please note that slime naturally deflates over time or with extensive play. To restore a deflated slime, empty the enclosed borax packet into half a cup of warm water and dissolve completely until no borax granules are visible. Incorporate and knead 1-2 drops of the resulting activator into the slime. To inflate the slime, stretch and pull repeatedly to add more volume to the slime. Make sure to store slime back into its sealed container to minimize evaporation.

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